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About Odin

Behind the name Odin

We wanted to create a research and development company that would allow us to research and develop technologies, and then spin out "children" companies. This idea was combined with a more personal reason. Both Ian Peterman & Doc Hudson, co-founders of Odin Materials, trace their heritage back to Viking roots with Doc able to trace all the way back to Rollo the Viking, first ruler of Normandy.

Our Why

Founded by Ian Peterman and Doc & Rebecca Hudson, Odin Materials was created to develop innovative materials and technologies for a better and more sustainable world. We believe in creating a better world for us and our children for generations to come. To do this, we seek to create innovative materials and technologies that will create a more sustainable future for us and our planet.

Doc Hudson, CTO

Doc Hudson is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, father of 5, and primary inventor in the technology behind our 2 primary hemp based fiber products. His experience in the Army Core of Engineers, along with studying engineering at 

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Ian Peterman, CEO

Ian Peterman has almost 20 years of experience developing and launching new products and technologies. He's the author of the book on Conscious Design, founder of the Peterman Design Firm, has a BS in Industrial Design, hosts the Conscious Design Podcast, and is a Senior Fellow at the Nexus Council. He's passionate about sustainable technologies and leaving a lasting legacy for his 6 children. 

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