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About Odin

Our Purpose

ODIN Materials is dedicated to pioneering the development of sustainable building materials by harnessing the versatile properties of hemp. Our mission is to innovate and produce environmentally friendly materials that not only meet but exceed the performance and sustainability standards of traditional construction resources. By focusing on hemp, which is known for its rapid growth rate and significant carbon sequestration capabilities, ODIN Materials aims to revolutionize the building materials industry. Our approach integrates advanced manufacturing techniques with ecological responsibility to create products that are not only durable and efficient but also contribute positively to the environment. ODIN Materials seeks to lead the transition towards a more sustainable future by providing the construction and manufacturing industries with alternatives that reduce environmental impact and promote a healthier ecosystem.

Johnny "Doc" Hudson Jr.

Doc Hudson is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom, father of 5, and primary inventor in the technology behind our 2 primary hemp based fiber products. His experience in the United States Army as a Combat Engineer, along with self-guided studies in engineering with a brief attendance at Boise State University, and a resilient passion for the future of technology guide his inventive aspirations.  

Rebecca Hudson, Founder/Vice-President

Rebecca is a natural leader and has led a lab for IDEXX as well as the Idaho Veterinary Hospital. She is also the CEO of Hudson Farms, LLC., which will provide hemp seed and fiber data, as well as hemp fiber feedstock. Her hemp research and development is a vital aspect of ODIN Materials.

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Ian Peterman,

Ian Peterman has almost 20 years of experience developing and launching new products and technologies. He's the author of the book on Conscious Design, founder of the Peterman Design Firm, has a BS in Industrial Design, hosts the Conscious Design Podcast, and is a Senior Fellow at the Nexus Council. He's passionate about sustainable technologies and leaving a lasting legacy for his 6 children. 

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