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ODIN Materials is thrilled to share that we have been selected as a Semifinalist at the 9th Annual Startup of the Year Summit. Powered by Established and hosted by Embarc Collective, this year’s Summit is presented by ReliaQuest and will take place in the thriving innovation Region of Tampa Bay from January 25 - 27, 2022.

There will be three days of programming that includes curated 1:1 meetings between semifinalists and investors; top industry leaders and speakers with content tailored specifically for early-stage startups; and, of course, the next stages in competing for the grand championship title, up to $50K in potential investment, the People’s Choice Award (presented by ReliaQuest), and other prizes.

Here are just some of the amazing investors, mentors, and corporate innovators who will be there: Mendy Yang (Lerer Hippeau), Jason Putout (Resitbot Action Fund), Larry Berlin (University of Chicago), and more. Keynote speakers include Jeff Vinik (Tampa Bay Lightning Owner, Jenn Lim (Delivering Happiness), McKeener (Mac) Conwell, II (Rarebreed Ventures), Blake Hall (, Cody Barbo (Trust & Will), and more.

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Our Mission

"If not us, who? If not now, when?"
-John F. Kennedy

ODIN Materials was founded in order to create environmentally responsible and sustainable materials from carbon capture processes. The materials we create will also aid in the success of innovative technologies that utilize advanced materials. As society shifts to greener technologies, the materials and the ways that we create them must shift as well. 



Lumber is an issue in a few ways, the price is a big deal, but practices to obtain that lumber are much more detrimental. Deforestation is a hindrance to our efforts of a greener planet. Using hemp to create dimensional lumber is not only faster than trees, but the fibers are also stronger than a lot of hardwoods. Definitely stronger than softwoods that are typically used in framing.

Hemp is also more versatile than trees as it can be used to create everything that wood can as well as a lot that it can't. Like batteries, concrete, and plastics. Making materials from hemp will also help the soil that it is grown in. Growing hemp is good for your soil and does not require a whole lot of water. This is good for farmers and will allow them to throw in a rotation of hemp for their field as well as the income from the crop.


Direct Air Capture

ODIN Materials is working towards our largest goal, the Large Scale Direct Air Capture system (LSDAC), the largest of our planned carbon capture systems. This system will be able to produce 150,000,000 kgs of carbon nanomaterials per hour and help us achieve the goal of one gigaton of carbon captured per year. 

Smaller integrated systems (IDACS) will be used in several different areas in order to serve multiple industries, both in capturing and also allowing certain industries to continue functioning. IDACS used in agriculture will help us reduce carbon outputs that come with normal operations. Systems used in cities will produce valuable minerals for fertilizers used in vertical farms and greenhouses. These systems will turn our biggest global problem into our most valuable asset and get us closer to defeating climate change. 

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Who We Are

ODIN Materials, Inc., is a company founded on the dream of a better future for humanity and our planet as a whole. 

The Founders of ODIN Materials are Doc and Rebecca Hudson. We started this company in order to use technology and fundamental processing methods in our own way to make a large difference in the way materials are manufactured. We believe the future for our children should be bright and this is our first step.

We have many experiences and qualifications that will help us along this journey. Support from colleagues, family, and friends, keeps our heads high as we embark to tackle such an incredible task. This motivates us to adapt and learn whatever we need to in order to succeed. 

Doc and Rebecca are also the owners of a Hemp farm located in Eastern Oregon. Hudson Farms, LLC was founded with the intention of supplying hemp biomass for our mission with ODIN and also to provide CBD to those who suffer from chronic pain or PTSD.

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Contact Us

If you would like to know more, reach out to us vi the E-mail below or follow us on Twitter to watch as we embark on this incredible mission! Thank you!

Ontario, Oregon

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