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Dimensional Hemp

ODIN Materials is a materials research and development company focused on creating innovative materials that are carbon negative, good for the environment, and offer improved properties to current options.


We have developed two materials, the first being a dimensional lumber using our proprietary "full fiber" manufacturing process using industrial hemp as the base material. This process and material create a dimensional lumber with a similar strength to oak.

Our second material creates an industrial hemp fiber slurry that we can use to create moldable structural shapes. Similar to injection molding, we are able to produce custom shapes for us and our customers.


Both of our industrial hemp fiber based materials are resistant to moisture, pest, insect, and flame without additional processing, time, or chemicals.

"Waste" from our production process we are able to immediately turn into hempcrete, while we are developing additional uses, allowing us to operate with near zero waste.

Why Hemp Fiber First?

Hemp is in an incredible material with several different applications. Our focus on our Full Fiber and Slurry hemp fiber materials will help pave the way for many uses and help the US to catch up to other markets using and benefiting from industrial hemp.

Fiber Length

Hemp is one of the longest naturally growing fiber in the world and it can grow faster than trees with a larger population density per acre. Bonding and pressing these fibers using biomimicry to match the structural formation of natural lumber creates a product capable of competing with traditional lumber.

Strength & Cost

The hemp fiber is the strongest plant-based fiber on the planet, and out performs many other materials, including carbon fiber. For its strength and strength to weight ratio, it's a very cost effective solution, where we can drive price down even further through expanding its use.


Current research shows that hemp is more effective than any forest or commercial crop at sequestering carbon. Hemp fiber has the potential to make our products carbon negative due to their powerful ability to absorb carbon in massive amounts, typically 22 tons of CO2 per hectare per crop.


To get to where we need to be takes a great team and a community effort. Here is a little bit about who we are and what we are doing.

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January 30, 2022

After returning from the SOTY Summit 9, we were featured on the front page of our local newspaper, The Argus Observer. Take a look by clicking the link below!

January 26, 2022

ODIN Materials recently attended the Startup of the Year Summit in Tampa, Florida! This was a unique experience for us and definitely a pleasure to be involved. Congratulations to Scout for taking home the title of Startup of the Year! We look forward to the next event and seeing who is crowned as the 2022 SOTY!


Who We Are

ODIN Materials, Inc., is a company founded in order to build and develop materials for innovative technological systems to aid humanity. 

The Founders of ODIN Materials are Ian Peterman, Doc and Rebecca Hudson. We started this company in order to use technology and fundamental processing methods in our own way to make a large difference in the way materials are manufactured.

We have many experiences and qualifications that will help us along this journey. Support from colleagues, family, and friends, keeps our heads high as we embark to tackle such an incredible task. This motivates us to adapt and learn whatever we need to in order to succeed. 

Doc and Rebecca are also the owners of a Hemp farm located in Eastern Oregon. Hudson Farms, LLC was founded with the intent of supplying Industrial hemp fiber for our mission with ODIN.

Contact Us

We are actively looking for partners, vendors, suppliers, and investors. If you want to speak with any of our team, please fill out the form and reach out. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ontario, Oregon

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