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Dimensional Hemp

ODIN Materials is a startup with the intent to create a sustainable wood lumber alternative using industrial hemp fiber. Creating lumber from hemp has several benefits, but most notably is its strength and durability compared to other wood products.

Hemp is one of the longest naturally growing fiber in the world and it can grow faster than trees and in a larger population density per acre. Bonding and pressing these fibers using biomimicry to match the structural formation of natural lumber creates a product capable of competing with traditional lumber. 

Industrial hemp fiber is grown agronomically in order to have the largest output possible while ensuring that any excess material is returned to the soil in order to benefit the next crop. Once the hemp is harvested, it rets in the field in order to break down the fibers naturally utilizing precipitation. After the fiber is bailed and transported, we then break down the bail of fiber and portion it into each individual piece of lumber. That portion is then soaked in a bonding agent and pressed into form using a proprietary process to have the highest quality output. 

Different lengths of fiber can be used to create alternate materials and any excess from the DHL process can also be used. Particle board, press board, and hempcrete can be made from waste materials.

Hemp is in an incredible material with several different applications. Our focus on lumber will help pave the way for these many other uses and raise awareness for cannabis uses outside of its chemical uses.



Creating lumber from hemp has several advantages when it comes to the product, but many other advantages are realized during the growing phase. While hemp is growing, it is sequestering carbon dioxide from the air and returning it to the soil which helps the plant reach the heights necessary for dimensional lumber production. ~7.5 tons of carbon per acre are sequestered per grow cycle, this is good for the plants and for us.


Planting hemp can also aid in crop rotations by improving soil conditions. This means that established farms can throw hemp into their rotation to boost yields of their next crop in that field. Some cover crops do this already, but without large fiber production that is capable of matching commodities that could be grown in their place. Hemp in place of those cover crops can have the same revitalizing effect with a commodity crop value.


Cutting out the milling process also reduces the overall logistics cost involved with transporting materials from farm to processing to production to mill to retail. Milling logs for lumber is efficient in creating several different cuts of lumber from one log, but it is a redundant step when creating lumber from hemp. Forming DHL to specific dimensions allows our production process to be streamlined and much more efficient. Farm to production to retail. 

Hemp can be grown pretty much anywhere in the United States, making it much more available than traditional timber used in DL production. Agriculture operations across the country can benefit from this process, making fiber much more accessible to us and not limited to densely forested areas. 


To get to where we need to be takes a great team and a community effort. Here is a little bit about who we are and what we are doing.

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January 30, 2022

After returning from the SOTY Summit 9, we were featured on the front page of our local newspaper, The Argus Observer. Take a look by clicking the link below!

January 26, 2022

ODIN Materials recently attended the Startup of the Year Summit in Tampa, Florida! This was a unique experience for us and definitely a pleasure to be involved. Congratulations to Scout for taking home the title of Startup of the Year! We look forward to the next event and seeing who is crowned as the 2022 SOTY!

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Our Mission

To create a materials supply chain capable of handling the demands of human innovation.

ODIN Materials was founded in order to create  materials from carbon capture processes, like agronomically grown hemp and STEP processed CNT. The materials we create will also aid in the success of innovative technologies that utilize advanced materials. Creating stronger, more reliable materials from these processes will benefit areas such as aerospace, energy, and manufacturing of quality goods. 

Many technologies that we have deemed impossible are only impossible with outdated materials. An influx of new products will make more human technological innovations possible and improve humanities overall comfort and stability. Creating homes from dimensional hemp lumber or semiconductors from CNT, for example.


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Who We Are

ODIN Materials, Inc., is a company founded in order to build and develop materials for innovative technological systems to aid humanity. 

The Founders of ODIN Materials are Ian Peterman, Doc and Rebecca Hudson. We started this company in order to use technology and fundamental processing methods in our own way to make a large difference in the way materials are manufactured.

We have many experiences and qualifications that will help us along this journey. Support from colleagues, family, and friends, keeps our heads high as we embark to tackle such an incredible task. This motivates us to adapt and learn whatever we need to in order to succeed. 

Doc and Rebecca are also the owners of a Hemp farm located in Eastern Oregon. Hudson Farms, LLC was founded with the intent of supplying Industrial hemp fiber for our mission with ODIN.

Contact Us

If you would like to know more, reach out to us via the E-mail below or follow us on Twitter to watch as we embark on this incredible mission! Thank you!

Ontario, Oregon

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